Terms and conditions of site content use
The present document shall be applicable exclusively in cooperation with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

1. General terms

1.1. These Terms and conditions of site content using (hereinafter referred to as the «Terms») shall be applicable in respect to all individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the «User»/ «Users»/ «you»), visiting or passing the registration on the site www.tophit.ru, owned by TopHit LLC, as well as in any other manner using site www.tophit.ru (hereinafter referred to as the «Site» and «Administration» correspondingly).

1.2. Visiting and/or using the Site you agree to refer and comply with these Terms, Privacy policy, Terms of services and any other current local, state or international legal or standard regulations, including without limitation provisions of the law of the Russian Federation. Administration reserves the right to change these Terms in any moment; information thereon shall be available on the Site home page. However for the avoidance of doubts you are kindly asked to ensure you are acquainted with the latest version of these Terms.

1.3. All definitions not defined pursuant to these Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Terms of services and Privacy policy.
2. Conditions of use of materials available on the Site

2.1. The Site contains copyright protected materials, trademarks and other legally protected products including without limitation phonograms, videoclips, pictures, texts, photos, video materials, graphics, other musical and sound compositions (hereinafter referred to as the «Content»).

2.2. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights contained in the Content of the Site, particularly textual and graphic information, codes, visual appearance and perception belong to Administration. The User is entitled to look through, copy and print the Site Content only for its personal purposes provided that all copies and printed paper mediums contain copyright marks. Without prejudice to above Administration shall give no legal warrants in respect to usage of materials owned by third parties. The Users shall not change information content of the Site, as well as delete copyright marks without prior written authorization of Administration.

2.3. These Terms provide for protection of interests of the Site, Administration and third parties holding the rights to the Content of the Site. At the same time rights holders are entitled to use their rights, set forth in these Terms, on their own account.

2.4. Usage of textual Content (fully or in part) shall be permitted only subject to obligations of the User envisaged by Clause 3 of these Terms.

2.5. Usage of graphic Content including photo-, video-, and audiofiles shall be permitted only subject to written consent of the Site Administration and subject to obligations of the User envisaged by these Terms.
3. Rights and obligation of Users

3.1. The User hereby confirms that it shall use software integrated in the Site only pursuant to these Terms and shall not copy, emulate, create new version, hire or rent, sell, change, decompilate and/or in any other way use original text or object code of software except is authorized in writing by Administration.

3.2 The User acknowledges that exclusive rights (to full extent) to products set forth in section 3.1. hereof and for their components belong to Administration.

3.3. It is not allowed to edit, cut down or re-arrange any components of the Content of the Site.

3.4. The User shall be liable for loss or distortion of meaning of any components of the Site Content that arise from their inaccurate reproduction.

3.5. The User has no right to (i) in any way change, create derivatives, demonstrate, make publically available, distribute any components of the Site Content or in any other way use them for any public or commercial purposes; (ii) delete, hide or in any way corrupt copyright marks, including copyright and trademarks marks and any other intellectual property marks.

3.6. Copying the information placed on the Site (as well as citing of one or another piece of information or communications in mass media), any components of the Site Content shall be permitted only by using of short text quotes (no more than 300 signs without space) upon reference to the source of such information (in network media – upon hyperlink to corresponding Internet page with a unique network address).

3.7. The User shall not place on the Site and shall not send through/by the Site any materials being advertising of products or services without prior written consent of Administration.

3.8. The User shall not upload, place or in any way use third parties' materials protected by intellectual property law (including copyright law, law on trademarks) and other legally protected products without express authorization of rights holder of such material on the Site. Should any claim, dispute and/or suit laid by third parties contesting the use of materials in violation of this provision occur, the User shall settle such claims, disputes and/or suits of third parties resulted from or in connection with usage by the User of such third parties' materials by its own efforts and expenses
4. Conditions of placing the Users' materials

4.1. The User reserves exclusive rights for name, photos and other materials including textual and/or graphic materials, audio-, video- and sound files, and content, publishing, sending or uploading on the Site (hereinafter referred to as the «User Materials»/ «Materials»).

4.2. By sending, publishing and/or uploading Materials on the Site the User grants Administration the right to use such Materials in any way including without limitation those set forth in part 2, Article 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (including the right to complete, permit or prohibit their reproduction, distribution, making available to the public and the like, including anonymously - without stating any identifying information of the User), including the right to sub-license the rights for Materials to third parties under contracts, entered into by and between the User and Administration.

4.3. By sending, publishing and/or uploading Materials on the Site the User warrants that (i) it has full power to transfer the rights set forth in these Terms; (ii) the Materials are not under the obligations, including those un respect to confidentiality, identification or authorship, and Administration shall not be liable for any usage or disclosure of such User Materials; (iii) by transferring the Materials on the Site or thereby the User does not violate the current state or standard regulation and orders, including the law of the Russian Federation.

4.4. Within the context of the Terms of services the User grants other Users the right to use certain Materials, including those for the purposes of creating Remixes.
5. Prohibited activities

5.1. The User shall use the Site exclusively for legitimate purposes. The User shall not place on the Site and in any other way use/transfer by means of the Site any materials, including the User Materials:

- using offensive terms, obscene and offensive images, comparison and expressions, including those in respect to race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language of a person or citizen, official symbols (flags, national emblems, hymns), religious symbols, cultural heritage sites (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation, as well as cultural heritage sites, included in World Cultural Heritage List;

- violating the law of the Russian Federation, containing threat and abuses defacing other persons, violating rights of citizens for private life or public policy, having abusive nature;

- violating in any manner honor and dignity, rights and statutory interests of other persons;

- making or containing pleas for starting-up of religious, race or international dissention, containing attempts for agitation or rable-rousing.
6. Copyright infringement actions

Should you note any photo or video, placed on the Site in violation of these Terms and/or those rights for which belong to other individuals or legal entities, please contact us via: help@tophit.ru и help@tophit.ua.

Any component of the Content placed on the Site the rights to which do not belong to Administration or User shall be deleted at short notice.
7. Disclaimer

7.1. The User shall be solely liable for use of all User Materials the User sends, uploads or downloads in the process of using the Site. The Site is made available «as is», without any expressed or implied warrants of any nature.

7.2. By using the Site the User shall be fully liable for (i) compliance with all legal requirements, including law on advertising, intellectual property, competition, personal data; (ii) credibility of information set at registration on the Site, and for credibility of warrants and representations accepted by the User in the process of using the Site.

7.3. Administration shall not be liable for the User's activity and shall not be responsible for legitimacy of its actions, including any actions, completed by the User by means of the Site. The User shall settle any such disputes or claims resulting from or in connection with usage by the User of the Site or the Site Content, as well as indemnify Administration for any incurred losses (including lost profit and legal expenses) by such claims or suits, based on any actions committed by the User in the process of using the Site or the Site Content.

7.4. Administration shall take all measures to assure accuracy of any data or information making the Content of the Site. The Parties hereby agree that Administration shall not be liable for any omissions or failures in the Site Content. The Site Content may be amended in any time without preliminary notification.
8. Applicable law

Any disputes in respect to the Site Content shall be settled in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. Unless otherwise stipulated by the law, the courts of the Russian Federation have exclusive jurisdiction and are sole authorities to settle any dispute arising in respect to use of the Site or these Terms and conditions of usage of the Site Content or in their connection.
9. Administration contacts

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